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Jewels                                       Lead                  Antronix                      Bobby Grupic 
The Mad Genius Project     Lead                  Independet                  Royce Gorsuch 
The Vatican Tapes                supporting      Lionsgate                     Mark Neveldine
Argo				        Supporting      Warner Bros.              Ben Affleck
The Lovers			        supporting 	Corsan			     Roland Joffè
Amazing Love		        Lead    		Hosea Productions   Kevin Downes
Elevator			                 Lead           	Big Pictures		     Stig Svendsen	
Ground Beneath her Feet   Lead                  Red Mullet / Smash Mike Figgis
Children Of Men		        Supporting      Universal 		     Alfonso Cuaron
Hooligans/Green St.	        Supporting      Yank Prod. Ltd 	     Lexia Alexander

Chicago Med                            Recurring        NBC Universal           Dick Wolf
Pandora                                    Series Reg        CW                                   Mark Altman 
Training Day                           Recurring        WB/CBS                        Louis Milito
Extant                                       Recurring         CBS                                 Dan Lerner
Battle Creek                            Guest Star        CBS                                 Eriq Lasalle
CSI Cyber                                  Guest Star        CBS                                Jeff T Thomas
24: Live Another Day          Guest Star        Fox                                 Omar Mahda
The Following                        Recurring         Fox                                 Marcos Siega
Perception                               Guest Star        TNT                                Greg Beeman
Mistresses                               Recurring        ABC                                Various
CSI NY                                       Guest Star       CBS                                 Eric Laneuville
The Newsroom		        Guest Star       HBO			     Aaron Sorkin
Undercovers			        Guest Star	J.J. Abrams		     Stephen Williams
NCIS				        Recurring	CBS/Paramount	     Tony Wharmby
Eleventh Hour		        Guest Star	Jerry Bruckhemier  Paul Shapiro	
Missing			                 Guest Star	BBC			              Laurence Wilson
Californication		        Co-Star		Showtime		     Jake Kasdan
Heroes			                 Guest Star	NBC Universal	     Greg Beeman
Casualty			                 Recurring	BBC			              Andy Hay

The Order 1886  ( V.G.)     Lakshmi          Sony Playstation       Ru Weerasuriya
CBS Diversity Showcase     2013                 Fern Orenstein & Rick Najera
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